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DM INVESTING has a social commitment to propagate economic news exposing the benefits of liberal and free market policies to the community, which is why employees should submit articles within this vision of a free society that honors economic growth.


DM INVESTING has as editor in chief Daniel Matos, who has a law background with specializations in ​​tax law, business law and civil procedure, as well as a degree in economics.

He is currently a master's student in the professional master's degree in economics and markets at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, focusing on the market line.

In addition, it conducts a master dissertation research, studying the theme: "the relationship between the level of indirect taxation and the degree of economic freedom of the country from 2000 to 2018".

From this emerged the motivation for the creation of this channel that aims to contribute to the spread of economic freedom and its socioeconomic benefits.

Finally, in this year of2020, he will start his professional master's degree in law from Getúlio Vargas Foundation - FGV, focusing on the tax law line, where he will continue his research on economic freedom with a legal focus.

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